Ralph K. Howell Lodge exists to make good men better. Having a lodge environment based on excellence and a quality Masonic experience nurtured through education, mentoring, and fraternalism does this.

RKH Lodge is focused on attracting younger professionals in and around Houston. It is the intent of the Lodge to create a place where men wish to gather for a formal and reverential experience.

Ralph K. Howell was reconstituted in 2016, with the specific aim of attracting young men from the institutions of higher learning in Houston to freemasonry as well as others looking for a more formal and traditional experience. We are a lodge that appeals to the younger generation both in form and content, but which also fills the void for the more esoteric mason seeking light.


Ralph K. Howell is an observant lodge in Houston, TX created with the intention of upholding the ancient Traditions of the Craft. The Lodge is built upon the foundations of Education, Mentoring, and Decorum, and welcomes all men looking for a traditional masonic experience. We believe that the goal of Masonry is to take good men and make them better through excellent ritual work, education centered in the lodge room, and a reverence for the traditions and ancient teachings Masonry is built upon.